It's Offical...I'm UNEMPLOYED... well kinda.

Well one of the first of many "Officials" that I will hopefully be saying this year and next. I had decided to leave my day job a Zappos.com to really pursue my love of illustration & design. So unemployed is alittle harsh. Let's say I have decided to be self employed, much better, no? Today is the first official day of working from home and I'm not gonna lie it could be worse! Having a office cat is defiently something I've wanted for some time and I'm happy to say Tesla is  more than happy to fill that job, even if he makes it alittle harder to focus. Also to kick off devoting my full time to Long Shot Collective I just finished up my second wedding/anniversary cut paper commission. I really love the way that this one came out, I'm kicking myself for not taking more process pictures! Oh well, hopefully next time I can remember to put down my excato and pick up the camera! 

Natasha & Brian's 15th Anniversary

Natasha & Brian's 15th Anniversary


XOXOXO -Hailey