A Summer VACAY Coming Up!

How is it I have already failed on my goals of keeping up a with this blog!?                        


I always have such high hopes, amazing lists of things I am going to do, and over complicated plans on how to make it all happens. THAN I realize/succumb to the fact that my laziness takes over and all I want to do is watch Netflix and eat Taco Bell (Don't judge! I love the chemical meat). For all my great hopes and dreams, having a day job really puts a hamper on said goals. So as I shame myself for putting off actually sticking to my plans, I also can't help but be excited for our up coming vacation/vacay/vaYAY! Me and Gonz are going on our belated Honeymoon and I'm so excited to take him somewhere he has never been. But because he is a nervous nelly and doesn't want everyone to know where we are going I will tell all the deets later but if you want to know where we are because we are just SO interesting follow along on Instagram @haileyen and @chrisgonzogonzalez


~Au Revoir~